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Custom Made Upholstery Dubai Magnifies All Seatings!

Upholstery Pro welcomes you to explore the amazingly wonderful Custom made Upholstery Dubai Services, which offers a comfortable and wonderful atmosphere to all your spaces. For the transformation of your old sofas, beds, headboard beds, and leaning chairs, we provide Innovative, modern, and cost-effectively customize upholstery solutions.

You once put in couch Upholstery then it will keep you comfortable and peaceful for a lifetime. Every item of the furniture will be made a serious and fun element with beautiful, durable, and comfortable Upholstery Sharjah. So, don’t waste another second, hire our expert upholstery Dubai provider and give your dearest furniture the true care and love it deserves

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Get The Best Leather Upholstery Dubai Services

Upholstery Pro provides you the budget-friendly, modern, and reliable custom upholstery services in Dubai, whether you need to customize a sofa or want to upholster an older sofa. If you are looking for an Upholstery Shop Near me then you land at the right place. We are the top-notch firm in Dubai that specializes in making sofa and beds a new life.

Including sofa upholstery, headboard Upholstery Abu Dhabi, sofa repair, leather sofa upholstery Dubai, and ergonomic design of upholstery fabric in Dubai we offer versatile upholstery services.

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Restuff Your Sofas and Revive Them With Upholstery Services in Dubai

We are the top solution for those, who are looking for Upholstery near me because we are the leading upholstery Dubai services provider, we have the highest quality, economical, and stain-resistant materials in order to ensure long beauty and durability.

Upholstery Pro carries a rich source, with more than 100 colors, designs, and textures of upholstery in Dubai for any sense of style, in leather, silk, linen, and sunny fabrics. All collections are elegantly mixed in color and tufted by certified professionals according to all safety standards.

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Get Proficient Upholstery Repair Dubai Service 

Our team consists of dedicated and motivated carpenters that know the design of chair upholstery and repair of wood frames. You are therefore assured that your sofas will be repaired with a unique look and within time.

In order to create new and unique designs and concepts for Upholstery Dubai services, we have used our craft and professional methods. No matter how damaged your sofa is and what changes you need in your sofa design, we are ready to offer Upholstery Repair Dubai services to suit your requirements, regardless of the style you desire.


Why Choose Upholstery Pro? 

Upholstery Pro is the world’s leading Upholstery service provider in Dubai, offering premium upholstery, versatile materials, and new ways of transforming sofa/bed. In every color and design, we carry a versatile collection of upholstery fabrics that perfectly match your existing theme and taste.

We also have a team of professionals who can efficiently stitch, repair and reupholster your furniture. We will come to your place at a single phone call, call us now and get the most affordable, fast, and efficient upholstery Dubai service at your door.

Call Upholstery Pro Line 24/7  +971554722980

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, outdoor upholstery is washable as it is made from durable materials that can withstand the hardships of weather like rain, mildew, or moisture easily. So if you see your outdoor upholstered furniture dirty, you can wash it with no doubt.

Definitely yes, outdoor upholstery is a good choice for your home because it can upkeep the appearance of your space. Upholstery makes your furniture items more durable, so you can also enjoy a long-time serviceability approach.

The cost of outdoor upholstery typically depends upon the type of fabric that you are opting for. Besides the upholstery material type, the size of your furniture to be upholstered also plays a significant role in terms of expenses.

The life span of good-quality upholstery ranges anywhere between 7 and 15 years. You can get the maximum service out of it by taking proper care of it and maintaining it according to the requirements of the fabric.

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