Buy 100% Durable & Comfy Sofa Set Dubai

Upholstery Pro provides the finest variety of sofa sets with modern and traditional designs for every indoor and outdoor setting at highly affordable rates.

Drawing Room Furniture Sofa Set

We Provide A Variety Of Sofa Sets

Style indoors and outdoors with our top-quality, luxury, and multifunctional sofa set Dubai, featuring different designs. We provide different options:

sectional sofa

Sectional Sofa

Best utilization of space.

convertible sofa

Convertible Sofa

Combines sleep & seating.

wooden sofa

Wood Sofa Set

Add Rustic Charm.

leather sofa

Leather Sofa

Improve Coziness.

Major Advantages Of Having Our Sofas In Your Space

Investing in our well-designed, multi-functional, high-performance sofas will provide numerous benefits. You can explore classic, traditional, and modern styles in our frame design collection to match your space’s aesthetics and ambiance.

Promote good posture and accommodate the maximum number of individuals.

Create a welcoming atmosphere and space to relax with our best seating sets.

Stains, mildew, mold, spills, scratch, and fade-resistant, offering low maintenance.

Best Sofa Set

Check Out The Trendy Sofa Designs

Pink Sofa Set
Jacques Sofa
Fendilyn Three Seater Sofa
Glitz Blue Sofa Set
Living Room White Color Sofa
Modern Sofa Set Dubai
Stylish Fabric Sofa Set
Lobby Corner Sofa
Royal Blue Sofa
Living Room Sofa

We Have A Wide Collection of Sofa Materials Available

To create the most presentable surroundings, we provide sofa set Dubai made from sublime quality natural and synthetic materials. Our materials are categorized into different options based on:


Upholstery Fabrics


Framing Options

For upholstery, we use polyester, velvet, linen, cotton, wool, acrylic, silk, olefin, velour, chenille, microfiber, rayon, suede, and leather. Also, the structural construction involves wood, MDF, plywood, fiberglass, iron, metal, aluminum, vinyl, wicker, and wood. In addition to that, for webbing, and padding, we use nylon, rubber crumbs, foams, latex, felt wool, and feathers.

Purchase Our Luxury Sofa Set in UAE | Get 15% OFF

Looking for traditional/ modern sofa designs? We provide you with the best furniture deals with big discounts for satisfactory purchases.

Fendi Sofa Set

Get Customized Sofa Set In Dubai at Affordable Prices

Transform your spaces with our durable and long-lasting seating sets that are perfectly customized to enhance your space’s style and practicality. We always prefer client satisfaction which is why providing you with custom sofas to accommodate their residential and commercial spaces.


Materials & Designs


Shapes & Sizes

Our custom designed seating elements will match your lifestyle, comfort requirements, space dimensions, and functional preferences. By selecting the desired upholstery, framing, armrest, backing, supporting materials, colors, and textures, you can get an ideal fit.

Why Choose Us?

Upholster Pro is the one-stop shop for purchasing sofa set Dubai to improve indoor and outdoor experience. We provide super comfy, resilient, unique, and versatile furnishings at low rates in Dubai.


Custom Projects


Happy Clients

From planning to consultation, sampling to customization, and delivery to assembling, our proficient team manages every single service with precision, ensuring client satisfaction. So, affordably upgrade your lifestyle with us now!

Velvet Arabic Sofa Set

What’s Our Work Process?

Communicate with our professional and dedicated team, to begin with the purchase process for your luxury furnishings.


Design Consultations

Ask our designer’s opinion to select the perfect seating set to match your space’s style.



Price Quotations

When selecting through samples, you can request the price estimation for each item.



Timely Shipping

We give you peace of mind by offering you doorstep delivery in the given timespan.


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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The upholstery materials used in manufacturing are leather, polyester, linen, cotton, wool, acrylic, velvet, silk, velour, chenille, microfiber, olefin, rayon, and suede. Also, the materials that make up the framing and structure are vinyl, metal, wood, wicker, and plywood.

Of course! Personalization can be done by our carpenters to make these seating sets a perfect fit for your space. Whether it’s a small or spacious space, we provide a range of custom sizes, shapes, and design options to make it a perfect fit for your space.

Yes! For each purchase of your pre-made or custom designed seating pieces, we provide you with both a warranty and a guarantee. Our warranty card outlines the manufacturing defects, faulty springs, and structural issues for a specified timeline of post-purchase.

The time period for a sofa to last can vary on the basis of distinct materials options, aftercare, and usage extent. On average, the highest quality seat can last for more than 15-18 years, of course, if taken care of in a proper way.

To craft workspace seating sets, different types of materials are used per upholstery, framing, and padding. The structure involves metal, wood, and aluminum, and upholstery fabrics are leather, velvet, brocade, suede, acrylic, and polyester. Additionally, padding is made from rubber, foam, and latex materials.