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Upholstery Pro brings you the most unique and luxurious collection of Curtains In Dubai available at highly budget-friendly rates. Shop right away!

Best Curtains

We Provide A1-quality Curtains For Homes & Offices

We welcome you to explore our latest ranges of cheap curtains Dubai and improve your interiors like never before.

High Build Quality

Our curtains  designed with premium fabrics.

Opulent Design Options

Design Options

Available in all kinds of patterns and colors.

Abundant Size Choices

Size Choices

We offer in multiple sizes to suit every window.

Accessories Availability


You can shop for a huge collection of curtain accessories.

Get Your Hands On Our Exclusive Custom Curtains 

For additional benefits and unusual requirements, Upholstery Pro also offers custom curtain services with which you can easily treat all your odd-shaped windows, sliding doors, walls, and skylights.

For Maximum Comfort: We provide Blackout Curtains with Motorized headers which provide effective light blockage, time saving, and room insulation.

For Effortless Handling: We offer lightweight, easy to clean, and long-lasting cotton, polyester, lace, bamboo, and voile curtains for the comfiest spaces.

Outstanding Curtains

Shop For Trendy Curtain Options By Us!

Go through our latest gallery and enjoy a phenomenal decor improvement experience. Our curtains will be the best match for all your spaces.

Luxury Curtains Dubai
Perfect Curtains
Custom Curtains in Dubai
Amazing Curtains
Stunning Curtains
Luxury Curtains
Stunning Curtains
Custom Curtains
Outstanding Curtains
Perfect Quality Curtains

Reasons For Adding Our Curtains Dubai Collection To Your Places

Up ahead, are the potential benefits of decorating your places with our custom coverings.

100% Energy Efficient Curtains

Excellent For Every Season

Our window curtains will make it easy for you to control (block, minimize, filter) incoming light and enjoy darkened or well-lit interiors.

They maintain the ideal balance of temperature indoors and reduce external noises as well, hence contributing to comfort enhancement.

Grab Custom & Ready-made Curtains At 15% OFF

Make the most out of our exclusive discounts on all curtain types and give your homes and offices the grandeur they deserve! The cost of curtains is truly economical at our shop.

Quality Curtains

Get Quick & Affordable Installations For Curtains Dubai

To ensure the most hassle-free decor improvement experience for you, we also provide the complete skill set regarding curtain fitting and styling.

Our curtain installation services will make your homes comfy, energy-efficient and highly presentable in no time and with minimal expenses.

Fast Servicing

Fast Servicing

Versatile Treatments

Versatile Treatments

Why Choose Us?

Upholstery Pro is a renowned provider of decor improvement services, most importantly window treatments in the UAE.





It’s time to spice up your residential & commercial decors in astonishing ways & completely on a budget!

Stunning Quality Curtains

Our Manner Of Curtain Treatments 

Check out how we transform your room with our classy and heavy-duty curtains Dubai additions.

Free Measurements

Window Measurements

We measure your windows, sliding doors and/or skylights and make all the necessary prep.


Proper Assessment

Curtain Installations

We carry out the curtain fitting quickly and with minimal interruptions to your daily activities.


Finishing Touches

We style curtains in your desired ways like draping, accessorizing or topping off with valences.


Appreciative Feedback From Customers

Here’s how our recent customers talk about their amazing experiences with our window treatments. Do have a look!

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

We provide a wide range of high-quality natural and synthetic fabrics for residential and commercial curtains. These include Cotton, Linen, Silk, Velvet, Polyester, Damask, Voile, Acrylic, Vinyl, Bamboo, Brocade, Muslin, Microfiber, Rayon, Satin, and their blends as well.

Yes, curtains can be used to effectively minimize incoming artificial or natural light and noises. You can also get specialized curtain options designed for this purpose such as velvet, lined, polyester, and silk curtains which offer maximum control over light. Also, we can add lining to your sheer curtains per your required light control needs.

Of course, we provide several eco-friendly and biodegradable curtain options with which you can enjoy an all-natural and pleasant interior decor. These mainly include cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, and recycled polyester which offer extreme comfort and are very easy to clean as well.

Yes, you can always combine curtains with blinds or shades for additional benefits. This kind of window treatment not only offers plenty of aesthetic possibilities but also provides maximum comfort through flexible light control, improved noise reduction, and temperature regulation.

Curtain panels do not usually come with all the hardware that’s required for their installation. Most of the time, they only feature built-in hardware such as grommets, eyelets or rod pockets through which the panel is hung onto a rod or pole. We provide complete hardware for curtains along with the accessories that you can order online.