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Upholstery Pro welcomes you to explore the latest collection of wall and deck skirting in Dubai and give your interiors the most luxurious touches, along with ensuring maximum protection for them.

Matte Wooden Skirting

Topmost Skirting Styles At Our Store

We provide some of the most popular styles of skirting Dubai. They work wonders for nearly all spaces and are highly long-lasting too.

Ogee Skirting_1


This board has straight edges.

Ogee Skirting

These tiles feature angled edges.

Torus Skirting

Skirting has semi-circular round.

Square Skirting

This skirting type has clean edges.

What Skirting Designs Do We Offer?

Our classy and sophisticated skirting tiles are available in a vast range of styles, colors, and finishes to go well with every type of wall treatment and flooring and you can have all desired customizations too.

For Deck Skirting: We offer high-quality solid wood baseboards and you can choose from a range of species, grain types, and finishes in accordance with your decor goals.

For Modern Interiors: We provide premium-grade aluminum, Vinyl, and PVC skirtings that come with metallic, sheen, and sleek looks for home & office interiors.

Traditional Rails and Skirting Boards

Our Trendy Skirting Designs

Skirting Board
Skirting Dubai
White MDF Skirting Board
Flexible Skirting Board
Wood Flooring Skirting
Vega Skirting
Premium Quality Skirting
PVC Skirting
Wood Veneered Skirting
Silver Colored Skirting

Benefits Of Our Premium Skirting Treatments

Our skirting boards work as a junction between walls and floors to protect both and also to give them a presentable look.


Energy Efficiency


Low-Cost Maintenance

These boards also provide higher levels of insulation and help with internal temperature balance and air circulation, leading to pleasant interiors all naturally.

Additionally, skirting Dubai cover all unsightly gaps between floors and walls and conceal all ugly wirings, cables, and plumbing for an attractive interior appearance. 

Shop For The Finest Skirting Online At 15% OFF

Get your hands on our latest skirting tiles and make the most out of all available discounts. We deliver all skirting types over Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Vinyl Skirting

Get Efficient & Economical Skirting Installations From Us

To help you with the most effortless home improvements, we also offer installation services for Skirting all over Dubai at the most affordable rates. 

Our services will secure your walls and floors for years on end and will give the most pleasing finishes to your interiors, in addition to a lot of comfort.

Custom Sizing

Custom Sizing

On-site Painting

Why Choose Us?

Upholstery Pro is the perfect spot where you can find the absolute finest skirting Dubai for all your places, along with the most affordable servicing. 





The cost of skirting at our shop is entirely pocket-friendly and you can enjoy a number of amazing discounts as well upon requesting a quote right away.

Deeplas Roomline Skirting

Our Skirting Installation Procedure

Following is a quick idea of how we treat and improve your places with our high-quality tiles for skirting, plus, in no time.



We check your walls for damage and prep them for the skirting treatments.



We cut the boards to the right size and position and secure them for longevity.




We carry out all the finish touches such as gap filling, sanding, priming, & painting.


Comments From Happy Customers

Here are some of the most amazing appreciative notes that we received from our recent customers.

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Skirting Boards can be made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Aluminum, PVC, Wood (softwoods and hardwoods), Tile (porcelain or ceramic), Plaster, and FJ (Finger-Jointed) Pine. Mostly MDF is used for all settings and you can get custom materials in this regard as well.  

Yes, skirt boards have a favorable impact on the room temperature as they help with the maintenance of a constant temperature.

They prevent heat loss and also block cold air which improves the working of HVAC systems and also effectively reduces their need over time.

Yes, our skirting boards can be easily painted and stained as per your aesthetic preferences. Paints and sealants are also a good idea for protection purposes.

However, solvent-based paints should be avoided, instead wood stains or colored varnishes should be preferred for skirting.

Yes, our skirting comes in a range of measurements to suit different interior requirements and floor and wall conditions.

In general, the height of skirting boards ranges between 120 mm and 230 mm and the most commonly used one is 145 mm. As for depth and length, they are 12 mm to 32 mm and 3,050 mm to 4,200 mm respectively.