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Outdoor Chairs by Upholstery Pro are an exceptional furnishing element with which you can design the most eye-catching, comfortable, and useful outdoor decors.

Outdoor Garden Chairs

Trendsetting Outdoor Chair Styles We Offer

At our store, you’ll get to explore the widest and most versatile collections of outdoor chairs Dubai.

Outdoor Patio Chairs

Patio Chairs

Design the most opulent patio seating setups.

Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs

Enjoy your outdoor living with comfort.

Deck Chairs

Deck Chairs

Create your dream lounging setups.

Balcony Luxury Chairs

Balcony Chairs

Make your balconies highly useful.

What Benefits Do Our Outdoor Chairs Offer?

Adding our cheap and comfy relax chairs to your outdoor areas will provide plenty of comfort, ease of accommodation, and excellent value for your money. They will make your outdoors greatly welcoming!

These chairs will offer you a cozy spot to unwind and spend quality time outdoors, which will benefit both your mind and body.

They are convenient to move and care for and have highly stain and weather-resistant profiles so your opulent exterior decor always looks presentable.

We offer these chairs in several styles and profiles for every place, so that every corner of your exterior space can be utilized and made attractive as well.

Outdoor Stackable Chair

Chair Collection For Your Outdoors

From lounging pieces to dining furniture, we stock every chair option for your needs!

Outdoor Wooden Chairs
2 Pieces Patio Dining Chairs
Teak Patio Dining Chair
Solid Teak Adirondack Chairs
Comfortable Outdoor Chairs
Pair of Garden Armchairs
Contemporary Garden Chair
High-quality Teak Outdoor Chairs
Anyston Outdoor Lounge Chair
Outdoor Arm Chairs

We offer Different Varieties of Chairs for Outdoor

Still not feeling like you came across what you were seeking? We’ve got plenty of other outdoor chairs Dubai styles and designs for you to explore and choose for your home or workspace outdoors.

Cushioned Patio Chairs

Cushioned Patio Chairs

Outdoor Wicker Chairs

Outdoor Wicker Chairs

In addition to these best sellers, we have Adirondack, Rocking, Egg, Zero Gravity, Outdoor Dining chairs, Vienna Lounge, Cuba Outdoor Lounge, and Wing Chairs. Armchairs, Chair Swings, and Patio and Garden benches are some other options you might be interested in!

Don’t Miss The Most Pocket-friendly Outdoor Chairs In Dubai 

We are offering a bunch of amazing discounts on the cost of outdoor area chairs. Rush now to get up to 20% OFF!

Tramontina Verona Wood Lounge Chairs

Want A More Personalized Chair? We’ve Got You!

As the best outdoor chair supplier in the UAE, we ensure going to all lengths to serve you exactly what you wish. For this purpose, we offer our exclusive customization services with which you can get your hands on your dream-style chairs, sofas, loungers, and/or benches.

Material Options

Material Options

Design Choices

Design Choices

You can choose hard and soft woods (Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Cedar, Pine, etc.), metals (aluminum, stainless steel), wicker, acrylic, PVC, MDF, cane, and leather. Similarly, you can decide on chair shapes, sizes, colors, upholstery/fabrications, and finishes.

Why Choose Us?

Upholstery Pro is a prestigious furniture supplier in the UAE and will be your reliable companion in the journey of furnishing and improving your residential and commercial places.


Successfully Accomplished Projects 


Always Growing Customers

Our Outdoor Chairs Dubai are among our top-tier creations that will beautify your outdoors in impressive ways.

Ashley Mandarin Cape Outdoor Chairs

Additional Services To Benefit From 

Other than economical and cost-effective chairs, here are some more highlights of our serving manner.

Free Measurements

Free Measurements

Hire our professionals to get your desired areas measured for a perfect fit.


24-7 Consultation Services

24/7 Consultation Services

Get in touch with our experts regarding all your ideas, preferences, and requirements.


Chair Material Samples

Chair Material Samples

Have satisfactory purchases with both physical & digital samples of chairs for outdoors.


Glimpses Of Customer Feedback

Here’s how our recent customers appreciate our outdoor furniture design excellence.

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Yes, our chairs for outdoor use are completely resistant to all forms and intensities of weather, which makes them serviceable year-round. In addition to sun, rain, snow and wind, these chairs also stay tough against rusting, corrosion, mold and/or mildew damage, and termite infestation.

Outdoor area chairs should be cleaned regularly with the help of a soft fabric or vacuum cleaner. Any stuck debris or grime can be cleared out using warm soapy water, followed by pat drying. Make sure to use minimal amounts of water and keep the chairs indoors during intense weather.

Of course, you can customize every part of your exterior chair. We provide several materials, shapes, sizes, designs, upholstery, and finish options for custom chair designing.

In addition, you can also bring us images of your favorite chairs or simply discuss your vision with our experts.

Yes, we offer warranties on our weather-resistant chairs to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.

These warranties cover all kinds of manufacturing errors or damages. However, it is important to know that any accidental damage or effects of rough usage will not be covered.

Yes, these chairs are extremely heavy-duty, hence very high-performance, and can be used on a commercial scale.

We provide stylish, eye-catching, and comfortable designs of these chairs for use in hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, eateries, etc, both indoors and outdoors.