Buy Our Long-Lasting Carpets Dubai Collection Online!

Looking for the best carpet supplier in Dubai? We provide you with trendy and highly durable floor coverings at budget-friendly rates.

Carpet Dubai

Style Your Floors With Our Versatile Carpeting Treatments

Upholstery Pro brings to you the finest collection of handmade, machine-woven, and flatweave carpets Dubai.

Versatile Designs

Geometric, abstract, lined, solid, textural.

Vast Usages

Indoor-outdoor residential commercial

Variable Sizes

Small, large, medium, extra-large, custom

Various Shapes

Round, oval, square, and irregular or runners.

Our Affordable Carpets Come With Manifold Benefits

These coverings offer safety against slips & falls and conceal floor imperfections.

Make our fade, scratch, and moisture-resistant pieces the interior beautification element.

They offer room insulation, enhance comfort, reduce footstep sound, & are easy to upkeep.

Luxury Carpets

Get Inspired By Our Latest Carpet Designs!

Have a look at the appealing modern and intricate traditional designs available in our featured collection.

Carpets Dubai
Top-quality Carpets
Study Room Carpets
Bedroom Carpets
Carpets for Living Room
Classic Carpets
Perfect Carpets
Living Room Carpets
Stunning Carpets
Stunning Carpets

Browse Different Carpet Types For Customizations

Give your floors a personalized touch with a custom selection of materials, colors, patterns, textures, shapes, & sizes.

Natural & Synthetic Materials

Modern & Traditional Styles

Choose from our broad carpets Dubai materials range including polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton, jute, silk, velvet, shag, brocade, sisal, nylon, and wool.

Shop From Our Carpet For Sale Series | Flat 20% OFF

We provide exceptional discounts on the online purchase of our furnishings. The carpet prices at our store are highly reasonable.

Outstanding Carpets

Hire Us Today For Quick Carpet Installation Service

Fix your appointment with our specialized handymen for carpet installation service. Our professionals come equipped with the tools and expertise to guarantee the quality and secure fitting of your indoor and outdoor carpets.

Free Measurements

Repair Solutions

We expertly install these floor essentials in your residential or commercial spaces, ensuring flawlessness. Also, we guide you with expert carpet maintenance tips to enhance their comfort and lifetime.

Why Choose Us For Carpets in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Upholstery Pro is a top-notch supplier of durable floor-covering treatments at budget-friendly rates.


Custom Projects

Get Flawless Customizations


Pro Workers

Best Suppliers & Installers

We are committed to delivering quality treatments to ensure custom satisfaction for your home improvements.

Carpet Dubai

Our Featured Carpeting Services

Regarding our one-of-a-kind floor covering treatments, you can get our extraordinary services:

Free Sampling

Ask for samples to check the material quality and pick the desired style.


Online Quotations

We provide expert consultations and also guide you with price quotes.


Fast Shipping

We aim to deliver the package at the scheduled time to your threshold.


Feedback From Customers

Have a quick review of the priceless appreciation we got from clients.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! These soft floor coverings greatly help in reducing the noise of footsteps in any area. In addition to that, they help improve the energy efficiency of the space by trapping the heat in winter and regulating the room temperature.

The lead time to install these floor coverings depends on their magnitude and room dimensions. For a single room, it will require 1-2 hours, and for multiple rooms, it will take 2-4 hours. Also, the installation of padding beneath can enhance the lead time to lay down a floor covering.

Yes! These floor-covering essentials are best for households with pets and kids as well.

The best option in this regard is polypropylene which is not only versatile, durable, and soft but also resistant to stains and scratches, hence, good for homes with pets.

It is possible to go for flooring-over-flooring installation when it comes to floor covering treatments, depending on the condition of your floors.

If the existing surface is clean and free of adhesives or other contaminants, you can install these coverings over the existing one to save time and energy.