Style Your Places With Custom Made Furniture Dubai

The custom made furniture by Upholstery Pro ensures high durability, easy maintenance, precise customization, and mind-blowing interior styling at discounted rates in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Custom Made Furniture

Explore Our Trendsetting Customized Furniture Types

You can get custom made furniture Dubai for both your indoor and outdoor places such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, hotels, restaurants, balconies, gardens, and lawns.

Custom Made Chairs

Custom Chairs

We provide wide and versatile chair 

Custom Tables

Custom coffee and center tables.

Custom Sofa Sets

Custom Sofa Sets

Handmade sofas: comfort, support, remarkable quality.

Custom Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture: seating, storage, cooking.

Worthwhile Benefits Of Our Best Custom Furniture

Our handmade furniture comes with a range of amazing features and functionalities to ideally benefit your lifestyle.

This furnishing will provide you with maximum comfort, plenty of health benefits, endless aesthetic possibilities, and increased resale value as well.

Hypoallergenic Upholstery: We cover furniture with the plushest upholstery fabrics which are easy to clean and hypoallergenic too.

Storage Options: We craft our furniture items with built-in, hidden, or exposed storage options along with removable parts.

High Quality Custom made Furniture

Look At Our Trendiest Custom Furniture Designs

You can easily find the most amazing ideas and inspirations from our recent personalized residential and commercial furniture projects in the UAE.

Best Custom made Furniture
Classic Custom Made Furniture Dubai
Custom made Furniture
Stunning Custom Made Furniture
Top-quality Custom made Furniture
Best Quality Custom Made Furniture
Stunning Custom Made Furniture
Custom Made Furniture 4
Perfect Custom made Furniture
Versatile Custom Made Furniture

Why Should You Invest In Our Custom Wood Furniture 

For the foremost perk, this furniture is way more comfortable, luxurious, useful, and long-lasting than ready-made or mass-produced items.

Unique Comfort

Storage And Convertibility Features@72x

Storage Features

This furniture will be a perfect fit for your every place and you can easily expand the room’s available space and make it useful for more people and/or stuff.

Our multi-purpose furniture requires very low maintenance and care due to its excellent dust, stain, and moisture resistance aside from high durability.

Get Our Custom-Made Furniture At Flat 20% OFF

The Sale is Live Now! Hurry up and place the order for your favorite home or workspace custom made furniture Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Amazing Custom Made Furniture

We Offer Expert Furniture Assembling And Placement Services

For customers’ ease and hassle-free experience, we provide professional assembling and placement services for handmade furniture UAE.

This way, you can enjoy instant decor upgrades and do not need to deal with any troublesome procedures or handling.

Fast Delivery

On-site Servicing

Why Choose Us?

Being a top-rated supplier, Upholstery Pro offers durable and custom furniture at budget-friendly rates in Dubai and nearby cities.


Satisfied Customers


Proficient Team Members 

We also offer free quotations, upholstery sampling, and custom made furniture Dubai maintenance guides to our customers for their satisfaction.

Quality Furniture Dubai

Insights Into Our Excellence 

Want to know more about how we craft your dream furniture pieces? Following is a brief description of our furniture designing process.

Discussions And Measurements


We get all your furnishing and decor requirements and take necessary area measurements for precision.


Planning And Designing

We design digital models of your desired furniture and begin its manufacturing after your approval.


Finishing And Enhancing@72x

Finishing And Enhancing

Our team delivers and places your furniture and carries out all your desired styling treatments on-site.


How They Appreciate Our Excellence

Check out these topmost comments from our valuable customers and continue your shopping journey with ultimate peace of mind!

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

This entirely depends on the size and design details of the piece you want, in addition to any extra features or intricate styling. Usually, it takes around two weeks to two or three months to design a custom furniture item, and the time can also extend with the number of items.

Custom made furniture can be a bit costly than ready-made ones at times, but the high upfront pricing is totally worth the benefits. To put it simply, a customized furniture piece will serve you way better and more than any bulk-made item and will be a perfect fit for your space and taste.

Of course, you can request all sorts of modifications and/or enhancements to any existing furniture items or designs from our catalog for a personal touch. Besides, we also provide consultations in order to assist you in choosing the best options and necessary changes.

Doing so is a favorable approach as this way, you’ll be able to get a piece that is a good fit for your available space and not too small or overly big. This is particularly important if you’re going to furnish a limited area. We also provide area measurement services to save you from hassles.

Yes, we offer warranties for custom furniture items which cover the repairs and replacements of any defective parts from our side. However, this warranty does not cover any accidental damages, wear and tear, and/or misuse of the item by the user. You can get detailed information by contacting us.