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We are the most renowned wallpaper suppliers in the entire UAE and have given you an amazing chance to redo your homes and offices for exceptional luxury.


Make Your Walls Stand Out With Wallpapers

Upholstery Pro welcomes you to check out the biggest wallpaper Dubai ranges and enjoy wall treatments that will give you excellent value for your money.

3d Wallpaper

Add grandeur to walls.

Wall Murals

Enjoy awesome graphic art.

Custom Wallpapers

Get your dream wallpapers.

vintage wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper

Get your brick wallpapers.

What Wallpaper Material & Style Options Do We Offer?

Besides the widest style choices, we also offer versatility in wallpaper materials to help you make satisfactory decisions.

You can discuss your place’s conditions, wall damages or challenges, and all your preferences with us to get the best solutions.

For Humid Spaces: We provide hard-wearing Vinyl, Fabric, and Grasscloth wallpapers that are 100% waterproof and remain odors-free.

For Design Flexibility: We offer paintable, metallic, flock, and brick-look wallpapers, which allow you to create the most opulent interiors.

Fantastic Wallpaper

Latest Wallpaper Collections For Every Place

Go through our latest gallery to find all your dream wall-covering products. Also, we’re always available to assist you

Best Quality Wallpaper
Stylish Wallpaper
Wallpaper Dubai
Beautiful Wallpaper
Durable Wallpaper
Perfect Wallpaper
Outstanding Wallpaper
Quality Wallpaper
Stunning Wallpaper
Best Wallpaper

Factors That Make Wallpaper The Best Wall Treatment

Our luxury wallpapers in Dubai will provide endless opportunities to restyle your place just as you like.

Extreme Energy Efficiency

Improved Air Quality

We provide eco-friendly wallpapers that are way healthier than paint jobs and will also keep your interiors free of pests and mold.

These wallpapers are the best product to cover unsightly walls, nasty cables and/or plumbing, paint that’s been chipping off, and stubborn stains.

Buy Wallpapers Online With A Single Click!

Request free-of-cost quotations for your favorite wallpapers and enjoy mind-blowing discounts along with free consultations, sampling, & delivery.

Modern Wallpaper

Looking For The Best Wallpaper Installers In Dubai?

Worried about the handling of your precious wallpapers? You can entrust their best flaunting with the expertise of our professionals.

We provide wallpaper installations for both residential and commercial areas. Not to mention outdoor areas as well.

Rapid Servicing

Rapid Servicing

Long-lasting Allure

Long-lasting Allure

Our wallpaper fitting, in addition to being an excellent treatment, also works to preserve home walls from all kinds of damage.

Why Choose Us?

At Upholstery Proyou’ll explore and shop from the most unique and cost-effective wallpaper Dubai varieties, perfect for every area.


Happy Clients


Projects Completed

Whether you need a smart touch-up for your walls or a completely new treatment, we’ve got you for every need!


Our Way Of Wallpapering

Want to know about what makes our work different? The following steps will give you a quick idea.

Wall Treatments

In this step, our experts will seamlessly and quickly fix every damage to your walls.


Wallpaper Addition

Wallpaper Addition

The prepped walls are layered with premium-quality primers & adhesives, followed by your chosen wallpapers


Final Addressing

Final Addressing

Finishing touches like smoothening, trimming, sealing, painting, and/or balancing of seams are carried out.


Homeowners Expressing Their Gratitude

Here’s a brief glimpse of the experiences of our recent customers with our wallpapering products and services.

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We provide a variety of wallpapers for every area and decor preference. The main options at our store include Vinyl, Grasscloth, Foil, Flock, Coated, Textured, Fabricated, and Paintable Wallpapers. Besides these, our Dubai 3d Wallpaper is a highly trending and chic product.

This depends on the condition of the walls and any challenging damage repairs. Even if the wallpaper installation itself is moderately difficult, accurately prepping the walls can be a tiresome job. Therefore, the best idea is to hire wallpaper experts for the installation work.

Of course, we provide specialized heavy-duty wallpaper options for commercial and public spaces and outdoors.

These wallpapers are not damaged by atmospheric conditions, high usage, or accidents, and they require minimal care. They can last for a long time and stay the same.

A wallpaper that has been installed accurately and maintained well can last for a good 15 to 20 years. Wallpaper is usually much longer-lasting than paint jobs.

However, it is very important to get the installation right, preferably through experts, and ensure good upkeep.

Yes, wallpapers can be used for covering and beautifying ceilings, and it’s a smart idea that can save on the expenses of costly ceiling treatments.

Doing so can also help with the visual expansion of a room while offering better energy efficiency, insulation, and temperature regulation.