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Looking for the best quality wall cladding and paneling? Book your order with us with a flat 15% off.

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Our Wall Panels Enhance Decor & Functionality

Upholstery Pro provides you with the best quality wall panels Dubai to beautify your interiors.

Improved Worth

Improved Worth

Enhance your property’s value.


Easy upkeep and cleaning.

Graceful Decors

Graceful Decors

Instant touch of sophistication.


Potential damages

Discover Our Service Range For Wall Panelling Treatments

To improve the overall scenario of your unappealing spaces, we present you with different types of decorative coverings made from PVC, wood, laminate, acrylic, shiplap, chipboard, grass cloth, metal, and fabric materials.

PVC wallcovers are best for moisture-prone areas like kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.

Add artistic style flair with our 3D wall designs, available in various styles & decorative finishes.

Our wooden panels for walls are made from MDF, Veneer, chipboard, and bamboo materials.

Wall Panel

Showcasing Our Gallery For Designs!

Browse the latest styles with neutral, textured, or patterned styles for both cladding and paneling treatments!

Wall Panels Dubai
Wall Panel in Dubai
Special Wall Panel
Top Wall Panel
Stunning Wall Panel
Best Quality Wall Panels
Top-quality Wall Panel
TV Lounge Wall Panels
Stunning Wall Panels
Best Wall Panel

Benefits Of Investing In Our Decorative Wall Panels

Decorate your interiors with our timelessly beautiful, trendy, stable, and affordable wall panels Dubai made from natural or synthetic blends of materials.

Style Versatility

Acoustic Features

We provide fire, water, and soundproof, heat and energy-efficient, or easy-to-maintain and clean decorative essentials.

Our environment-friendly coverings offer high-performance and long-lasting spans, ensuring a valuable investment.

#1 Dubai-Based Supplier For Wall Treatments

Get cheap wall panels in Dubai to adorn your residential and commercial spaces. We sell the highest quality coverings with a big discount of 15%.

Wall Panel Supplier in Dubai

Order Custom Made Wall Panels For Decoration 

Give your interiors an instant touch of elegance and improve functionality with our custom treatments. We provide modern and traditional styles, simple and intricate finishes, and light to dark colors for these decorative essentials.

Designs & Materials

Designs & Materials

Sizes & Shapes

To sync your existing interior schemes and related furnishings, you can get bespoke items tailored to your needs in terms of patterns, textures, borders, layouts, and finishes. Also, you can get exceptional yet desired solutions for wall cladding as well in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Us For Wall Panels in Dubai?

Upholstery Pro is the ultimate destination for providing you with the trendiest wall panels Dubai for residential and commercial spaces.


Custom Projects

Complimentary Solutions



Flawless Fitting Work

We aim to deliver high-quality coverings to your spaces in the given time frame. Book your slot with us now!

Wall Panel

Our Servicing Manner For Wall Panel Installations

Proper Assessment

Proper Assessment

We analyze surface conditions for any wire boards and switches.


Free Measurements

Our experts take measurements of the surface area to be covered.


Implementation & Integrity

Expert Fittings

Using the best quality adhesives, we fit these coverings at any place.


Look At The Notes Our Clients Send!

We serve our clients with the best and here’s how they appreciate us.

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Depending on the type of material and design intricacies, the cleaning approaches for each covering can significantly vary. These stylish coverings are easy to clean with the right tools and materials and an effective cleaning approach. Use simple soapy water and a sponge for this purpose.

Absolutely! These coverings with matte-primed surfaces can be painted to match your place’s existing decor scheme. Also, they can be customized in terms of size to align wall parameters and in colors or materials to match your preferences.

Yes! These exclusive coverings are ideally suitable for every commercial and residential setting.

It is a timeless and cost-effective solution to enhance the aesthetics, appearance, and functionality of your commercial areas.

The answer is Yes! However, you have to keep a few aspects in mind to ensure a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Check the existing surface is smooth, not scratched, and cleaned properly. Also, look for any flaky paint or loose dirt and debris.

Upkeep ways for these decorative coverings show variations depending on the type of materials.

Water-proof coverings are really easy to take care of, but you have to be careful when dealing with moisture-prone ones.