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How To Clean Wood Furniture To Make It Look New Again?

Furniture Cleaning

Wood furniture accumulates grimes, so caring for it properly is a key. Regular dusting of the furniture is important, but sometimes the dirt can not be removed with regular dusting. Our hand’s oils, cooking vapors, and cleaning products build-up to leave a sticky residue over the wood surface that is hard to remove.

There are several terms, like dusting, cleaning, and waxing. If your furniture is grimy, you may need to use dishwashing liquid and water to clean the furniture. If dishwashing liquid does not remove the sticky residue, you need to use the mineral spirit that helps to remove the dirt completely. Once your wood furniture is fully clean, waxing them can help restore its shine. It also provides a protective film that keeps your chair, double seater sofa, single seater sofa, or garden benches looking good and new again.

Here we tell you how to clean the grime from the wood furniture to make it look new again.

Dusting The Furniture

Dusting The Furniture

First, remove all the dust from the surface of the furniture with a dry lint-free cloth or a feather duster. If the dust is not removed with a dry cloth, damp the cloth with a little water because the moisture absorbs all the dust.

Using The Dishwashing Solution

Upholstery Cleaning

Wiping the dust from the wood is usually a simple process. But removing stains or sticky residue from furniture is a daunting process. Before cleaning the furniture, the key is to know what product to use. If you clean the wood with commercial cleaning products, it may damage your furniture. So, to make sure the cleaning products have not affected the furniture, it is important to test.

Test The Mixture On The Hidden Spots Of The Furniture

Hidden compartment

Before you start the test, wet the cotton ball with water and drop any dishwashing liquid on it. Then rub the dampened cotton on the hidden spot of furniture where damage would not appear. Wait a minute, if the finish would not damage, you can continue this process.

Then add a dishwashing liquid and warm water to a bucket and mix them to create the cleaning solution.

Wipe Down The Furniture With The Cleaning Solution

Wipe the Furniture

Dip a cotton ball in a dishwashing liquid solution and wipe all the surfaces of the furniture. Don’t press the cotton hard on the furniture, lightly move it over the surface of the furniture to clean the wood.

Dry The Furniture

Dry the Furniture

Make sure you wipe all the surfaces of the wood furniture. After wiping the furniture, use a dry lint-free cloth to remove all the moisture from the wood and dry the furniture efficiently.

Test The Mineral Spirit On The Hidden Spot Of The Furniture

Hidden compartment

Mineral spirit does not damage most wood finishes but you should test it on the hidden spot of the furniture to make sure. Put some mineral spirit on the cotton ball and rub it on the hidden spot. If you see no damage to the finish, then you can clean the furniture with mineral spirit.

Damp The Cloth With Mineral Spirit

Damp Cloth

Apply a minimum amount of mineral spirit on the cloth. Then rub a cloth on the surface of the wood to wipe all the grime. An important thing about mineral spirit is that it wipes the years of the dirt, so work slowly and clean the wood carefully to get rid of all the dirt.

Clean The Mineral Spirit

Mineral Spirits

After cleaning the wood surface with mineral spirit, take another wet clean cloth. With the wet cloth remove all the mineral spirit from the furniture.

Remove Moisture With A Dry Cloth

Cleaning Wooden Furniture

When you use a damp cloth to clean the dust, some moisture may be left on the surface of the wood furniture. So, use a dry lint-free cloth to remove the moisture from the furniture and dry it completely. And it is good to clean the wood furniture at least once a week. Because when dirt build-up, it requires more thorough cleaning.

Waxing The Wood Furniture

Waxing The Wood Furniture

To give you a new look at your furniture, it is best to wax the furniture. Because the wax restores the furniture’s beauty. When you apply wax to the wood surface, it will wind up all the dirt beneath it. So, after applying the wax to the wood, it is more difficult to clean the furniture in the future.

Put A Spoonful Of Wax On The Lint-free Cloth

Women lint Roller

Use a lint-free cloth and one spoonful of wax cover around the cloth. Then press the wax with your hand until the wax is softened. After softening the wax, rub it over the wood surface with the cloth. Make sure you rub the wax all over the surface.

Remove The Excess Wax

Furniture Waxing

When you complete rubbing all the furniture, then take another lint cloth. With this cloth, you remove all the excess wax. When the wax is completely removed it makes a new and beautiful look to your furniture. If your office chair, sofa, or table is not shiny as you would like, apply a second coat of wax in the same manner.


Wooden furniture catches more dust and dirt and requires a lot of care to stay fresh and shiny. So, if your furniture is grimier and you are not able to get rid of them and need professional wooden furniture cleaning services. provides you the best professional furniture cleaning or repair services. All services are available at an affordable price tag. Also, our services are a long-time investment that will keep your furniture safe from damage.

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